Chile Running Tours, or how to discover Santiago apace

Trotting with the Andes range in the background, between parks and modern buildings, is one of the most novel and healthy alternatives for becoming acquainted with the Chilean capital.

Chile Running Tours
The objective of this initiative is to provide clients a healthy experience and allow them to discover new surroundings

Trotting is a beneficial activity whichever way you look at it. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, free, ecological, and connects you with the city. This premise underlies “Chile Running Tours”, a tourist agency that decided to substitute the traditional bus city tour with one where visitors use their own legs to get around.

This agency is the only one that offers running routes in Santiago accompanied by a guide. It opened its doors to the public in May 2010 and offers a series of interesting runs of up to 10 kilometers through different parts of the Chilean capital for a price of US$ 45 per person.

The objective of this initiative is to provide clients a healthy experience and allow them to discover new surroundings, in a comfortable setting as if they were running with a friend. The routine starts with a warm-up and ends with stretching exercises, so that the physical activity is carried out appropriately, avoiding injuries and constituting a pleasurable experience.

Advantages of the running tour
The benefits of getting to know Santiago on foot are countless. For foreigners who have decided to live in Chile, these tours give them a chance to improve their sense of orientation. It is also a sustainable activity because it doesn’t pollute the city. Furthermore, it provides a more intimate experience than that of taking a bus tour with a guide, because it allows clients to personalize their own route by choosing the points they wish to visit, and they can even ask to extend the run beyond what was scheduled.

This is a chance to understand more of Santiago’s history, get to know its secrets and become better acquainted with its nooks and crannies.

Chile Running Tours currently offers four routes: Bicentenario park, Araucano park, Pocuro district and San Cristóbal hill.

Bicentenario park
Visiting this park is a must, because it is one of the most beautiful and tranquil spots in Santiago. The run here is at a steady and peaceful pace, passing by residential areas of the municipality of Vitacura and areas where there are plentiful natural surroundings.

Araucano park
This program contemplates many “hot spots” of the great Chilean metropolis. Some examples of what can be seen on this running tour are the main commercial and financial districts and the Military Academy. It is suitable for all running levels and can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

A variety of architectural styles and imposing residential areas are part of the panorama offered on this run. It is very safe and ideal for those who want to learn more about the beautiful and modern buildings of the capital.

San Cristóbal hill
This consists of climbing the famous hill to the top. The peak of this landmark, set in a 728-hectare park, provides one of the best views of the city. This program is only suitable for experienced runners.

Other alternatives
Running tours have become a widespread practice throughout the world and are very popular in cities such as Buenos Aires, Rome, San Diego, New York and Berlin, where clients prefer to run instead of taking the classic city tours.

There are, however, other options. One example is bicycle tours, where you can rent one to pedal around the city. The agency “La Bicicleta Verde” provides this service in Santiago and guarantees an “inspiring, entertaining and safe” experience.

There are also many tourist agencies that offer walking tours, a more tranquil option for people who are not in the habit of running. The tourist agency “Gotolatin Travel” provides different guided tours, where enjoyable routes make it possible to understand more about the historic profile of Santiago and its inhabitants.

Chile Running Tours continues its programs throughout the winter season. One of the greatest attractions in the capital at this time of the year is the view of the Andes range, which is completely covered in snow. It is a good opportunity to take advantage of a privileged landscape while exercising.