Chile scores new medals in Toronto 2015 and surpasses the gold count from Guadalajara 2011

The national representatives aspire to achieve a historical mark.

Delegación Panamericanos
Imagen/Image: BioBioChile

Following the gold medal obtained by Nicolás Jarry and Hans Podlipnik in the Men’s Doubles category in tennis, Chile’s representatives in the Pan American Games of Toronto 2015 have already surpassed the gold medal count  from the Guadalajara Games of 2011. Considering Bárbara Riveros’ victory in the Triathlon, Emanuelle Silva’s in Speed Skating, and Felipe Leal and Óscar Vásquez’ in rowing, the team has already secured its spot among the top 5 Chilean performances in the history of the Pan American games.

Adding to this already promising statistics are the recent victories that keep Chile in the 8th place of the games Medallist. One of the surprises was the bronze achieved by Cristóbal Torres in Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestling, defeating the Canadian Dylan Williams by 3-0, thus obtaining the first medal in this discipline. The second one came the day after with Andrés Ayub’s victory in the 130 kg category, where he obtained silver, earning the 12th medal for the country.

From now on, expectations are higher than ever, considering that there are are still 10 days of competition left and many opportunities to climb positions in the Medallist. Alberto González (lightning), Daniel Pineda (Long Jump) and Kristel Köbrich (800 m free style swimming) are all Guadalajara 2011’s gold medal winners that have a chance at repeating their past victories this year. Attention has also been drawn to Felipe Miranda, Felipe Aguilar and Mark Tullo. The former could be one the surprises in waterski, while the latter pair could earn a medal in golf.