Chile seeks to attain energy sustainability and creates Energy Ministry

The new institution joins the Environment Ministry in the mission to implement a green economy in the country that is respectful of the environment.

Energy Ministry
The recently created ministry will be responsible for promoting non-conventional renewable energy sources and energy efficiency

President Michelle Bachelet announced the official creation of the Energy Ministry, which is aimed at improving energy efficiency in the country and avoiding the duplication of efforts in the area. The attorney Mariana Soto will be its first undersecretary.

The new institutional structure will also be specifically tasked with determining the actors responsible for the country’s energy operations and supplies, with a policy that allows Chile to put an end to the external dependence that has prevailed over the last 30 years.

The recently created ministry will also be responsible for promoting non-conventional renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, sustainable development and environmental protection, in addition to rural and social electrification policies, among others.

In addition, it will have Regional Ministerial Secretariats, which will endow it with better tools for these complex tasks as these offices are in charge of considering the energy development conditions and potential of their respective regions.

The Energy Ministry is part of a state policy implemented by the current administration, which bet heavily on developing an institutional framework to protect Chile’s rich and diverse environment.

This effort also gave rise to the creation of the Environment Ministry, which began operating in the country a few days ago and has the fundamental mission of overseeing the installation of a green economy that is respectful of its environment. Likewise, the Bachelet administration inaugurated the country’s largest wind farm in the north and has fostered the use of bio-fuelsthrough InnovaChile.