Chile Seeks to Become a Film Location

Valparaíso has already made a deal to serve as location for a film. This is the result of an effort which includes guides for producers and awards for films showing Chilean landscapes.

Imagen: Esfema

A few days ago, Mike Fantasia, American locations manager, landed on Chilean ground, invited by ProChile and Comisión Fílmica Valparaíso from National Council of Culture and the Arts. The man responsible for film locations such as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and the soon to be premiered “Ant-Man”, was amazed by the country’s varied geography, and specially highlighted Valparaíso’s potential as a film production location.

Fantasia’s stay in the country at a time in which the National Council of Culture and the Arts is focusing its efforts on promoting Chile as a location for both national and international productions. One of these efforts is the launching of “A Practical Guide for a Chile Film Friendly”, which presents information to municipalities and producers in order to make this process easier.

As a result of these efforts, this year’s first deal to shoot a movie in national landscape locations has been closed. The film involved is Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s next production that will tell the story of the persecution poet Pablo Neruda went through during president Gabriel González Videla’s government. The film, which stars Luis Gnecco and Gael García Bernal (Gnecco as Neruda and García Bernal as the persecuting policeman), will film some scenes which will recreate 40s’ Santiago in a sector at Prat street and Turri clock. “Neruda” will also be filmed in Paris and Buenos Aires.

In addition, this week the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes announced it will award national productions or international co-productions using national landscapes as locations. This award, created by Comisión Fílmica Chile, will grant tickets and accommodation to attend the Mercado Internacional de Cannes 2016, the main international event that fosters the selling of films for their international distribution, to two production members.

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