Chile takes a vow: Emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 30%

The guideline to achieve less harmful emissions consists in increasing the percentage of renewable energy, adopting energy efficiency as a public policy, and the growth of the soil’s surface suitable for forest use.


Currently, Chile contributes to the greenhouse effect with a 0.26% of gas emissions around the world. Although the figure is not very significant, our country is subject to the impact of climate change: The rivers’ cycles, the low coastal level, fishing and the ocean, among others, are factors of high vulnerability. Hence, just before the climate summit COP21 in Paris started,  Chilean authorities announced their goal of reducing the carbon intensity per unit of GDP. This commitment will be reviewed and reaffirmed during the climate change meeting that will bring more than 160 countries together, right in the capital of France between November 30 and December 11.

In this context, the Minister of Environment, Pablo Badenier, pointed out that «Chile has pledged a reduction of 30% of its greenhouse gas by 2030. It will do so through the promotion of good public policies, such as improving its renewable energy representation in its energy matrix, making energy efficiency a public policy and improving and increasing the surface area available for forestry use.» Moreover, Badenier said that in the case that they receive financial support from the United Nations, Chile may even undertake an even higher goal in this world event.

From 2018 onwards, it is also intended to tax CO2 emissions in thermoelectric power stations and in the large industry, a step that would mean a considerable reduction of electricity consumption in every household. The 14 specific projects to mitigate pollution are being developed since 2011, including the promotion of solar technology in Chile, the creation of a national system of protected areas, preserving the biodiversity in mountain areas, and the recycling of industrial waste.
The Chilean delegation in France is led by President Michelle Bachelet, accompanied by Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz, together with the Ministers of Environment and Energy. The so-called «Climate Bench» will also attend: Senators Guido Girardi, Antonio Horvath and the President of the Senate, Patricio Walker.