Chile takes the lead in the security of online bank transactions

The new website rates Chile as the most advanced in the region when it comes to the technology applied to commercial transactions on the Internet.

Online bank security
This initiative emerged from Chilean banks themselves in their commitment to customers

In the face of the potential risks inherent in online financial transactions, Microsoft Chile and the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABIF) launched a new website that seeks to instruct users in the safe use of this sort of service.

The website is called and contributes with advice on how to prevent computer fraud and hackers from gaining access to financial information.

This initiative emerged from Chilean banks themselves in their commitment to customers. In this way, the new website will help people learn to navigate in calm and without becoming exposed to the theft of their confidential information.

In addition, the page provides a detailed description of all the threats that people are exposed to when they enter data into the internet.

Along these lines, Alejandro Alarcón, the general manager of the Banking Association, said that “Chile has taken the lead in terms of the technology applied to Internet bank transactions, for which banks have made constant efforts to implement fraud prevention tools.”

This project is the first cooperation agreement of its kind reached in Latin America and it will allow thousands of people to access the Internet with greater confidence when it comes to undertaking bank procedures and without fear of suffering an act of fraud.