Chile to hold conference in China on world copper industry

Details were announced today about Asia Copper Week, a conference in Shanghai that will bring the leaders of Chile and China’s mining industry together next month.

Chilean press gathered today to learn more details about next month’s Asia Copper Week, an event that will bring leaders of the copper industry together in Shanghai November 26-28 to discuss the future of the mining sector.
Organized by the Centro de Estudios del Cobre (Center of Copper Studies of Chile/CESCO) and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Asia Copper Week is an unprecedented event in terms of scale and location. The conference is the first global event on the copper industry to be held in the region, and it seeks to become an important meeting point for the sector in the future. Over 800 business leaders have already confirmed their participation in the summit.
Chilean and Chinese copper industry leaders will have much to discuss at Asia Copper Week, given that Chile is the world’s leading copper producer and China is the world’s leading copper consumer. China has increased its demand for copper by 39 percent over the past 50 years, according to the International Copper Study Group, and also leads the world in its net increase in copper consumption over the past 10 years. China is Chile’s largest trading partner, and plans are already underway to double trade between the two countries by 2015.
Discussion at Asia Copper Week will focus on copper consumption trends, specifically the ways in which the global economic climate and evolution of the Chinese economy could affect copper consumption – and the impact this could have on Chile and other copper producing countries.
For Blas Tomic, executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Asia Copper Week illustrates the strength of Chile’s partnerships in China – and their promising potential.
“China is not only the largest trading partner of Chile, but also the largest consumer of copper in the world. We believe this conference is a great opportunity to deepen relations with the Asian mining industry, and that it confirms the high value that China has regarding their experience with Chilean professionals to have Chileans organize such an unprecedented event,» Tomic said.
For more information about Asia Copper Week, visit the conference’s website here.