Chile to host Conference of Natural Resources and Development

The coastal city of Viña del Mar to host international conference that aims to address global sustainability.


Chile is to be the proud host of the First Conference of Natural Resources and Development this November. The conference, which will take place in the beautiful coastal city of Viña del Mar, is called “Food, water, and energy security; integrated science for sustainability.”

Organized jointly by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and the Center for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD), the program aims to “be a platform for science diffusion and a meeting point for international scientists, organizations, governmental institutions and private companies.»

Along with UNEP and CNRD, experts from the Pontifica Univerisdad Católica de Valparaíso, the German Academic Exchange Service, the German Federal Economic Cooperation and Development, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, and Chile’s National Commission on Scientific and Technology Research (CONTICYT) and the National Council on Clean Production (CPL) will participate in the conference.

The conference plans to cover the major issues addressed in the Millenium Development Goals (MDG). These include “poverty reduction and safe food supplies, social and cultural development, access to basic resources and shelter, integrated water resources management, land use dynamics, biodiversity, energy efficiency and renewable resources among others.”

Chile, the host of the conference, has been pushing for more sustainable practices across the country in recent years. It recently ranked in the top 20 nations of the world in the Happy Planet Index (HPI), a survey that takes into account sustainable living and countries’ overall ecological footprint.

The Andean nation enjoys a wealth of natural resources, from its world-famous national parks such as Torres del Paine, to the many rich mining areas in the north of the country. As the promotional video for the conference nots, “Chile . . . has been gifted with numerous natural resources and a noble climate.” To preserve the country’s unique and beautiful landscapes, Chile is pioneering new sustainable technologies, such as tidal power and wind energy.

The First Conference of Natural Resources and Development will kick off in Viña del Mar on November 25 and continue until the 28.