Chile welcomes world summit on arts and culture

Santiago set to be the first Latin American host of this massive international conference in January.

More than 400 delegates from more than 80 countries are expected to converge on the Chilean capital to share ways to support and enhance culture and arts within a changing world.

Organized jointly by The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile (CNC) the World Summit on Arts and Culture will run from January13-16. This year’s theme is “Creative Times: new models for cultural development.” In it’s 6th installment, the summit will be focusing on the arts in the framework of shifting economic, environmental, political and cultural settings.

Among the dozens of speakers lined up for the four day conference are cultural leaders and artists hailing from all corners of the world — Rwanda, Germany, New Zealand and Belize to name a few. Not to mention the raft of stand-out speakers, thinkers and creators from Chile, ensuring the host country will be well represented.

Sonia Montecino, 2013 winner of the Chilean National Award for Humanities and Social Sciences and one of the country’s most influential intellectuals, will appear as a key note speaker. Her work in anthropology, gender studies, interculturality, urban culture, globalization, art and aesthetics fits perfectly with the themes of critical times and creative spaces.

Of course the culture summit will include more than just academic lectures, it will also showcase some unique arts and performances. The opening ceremony will feature the  National Folkloric Ballet of Chile, Lorenzo Aillapán, AKA “BirdMan,” and Recipient of CNCA’s Living Human Treasure Program, as well as Choreographer José Vidal and Co, accompanied by Chilean National Ballet.

The cultural program also includes eye-catching performances throughout the four days. Argentine director Mayra Bonard will be showcasing her piece “Futuro”—which merges dance, text, theater, cinema and visual arts— in the the main hall of GAM Cultural Center.  The Australian contemporary performance company «Branch Nebula» will be taking over the  «Parque de los Reyes» skate park  with their innovative combination of street and modern dance entitled “Concrete and Bone Sessions.”

Chilean artists and performers will also be showcased. Teatro la Huella will present ‘Baile ausente de un arcángel’ (Absent dance of an archangel) at the Explanada Museo de la Memoria, while Teatrocinema  will share ‘Historia de Amor’ (Love story),  directed by Juan Carlos Zagal and part of the Santiago a Mil Theater Festival.