Chile will be the venue for the world meeting of citizen media

The conference, which will be attended by press professionals, bloggers and technologists, among other experts, will analyze the evolution of citizen media and their role in the Chilean reconstruction effort.

The main theme to be discussed at the event will be the evolution of citizen media
The main theme to be discussed at the event will be the evolution of citizen media

Between 6 and 7 May, 2010, Santiago Chile will be the venue for the IV world meeting of Global Voices, the Citizen Media Summit that will be held in this South American country for the first time and will be attended by a community of bloggers, technologists and journalists, among other professionals.

The main theme to be discussed at the event will be the evolution of citizen media. This issue will be addressed through sessions open to the public, followed by internal meetings and debates of the members of Global Voices.

In addition, and to add to its relevance, the Latin American Observatory for Digital Communications (OCD Iberoamérica) and Global Voices 2010 will organize a contest to encourage bloggers to express their points of view regarding the reconstruction of Chile, which is a major concern in the country after the mega-earthquake of 28 February last.

Thus, “Chile post-earthquake, reconstruction in a post” will be aimed at all Chilean bloggers over the age of 18, who will be able to post their opinions through a participation form on the site, as well as their personal information (full name, e-mail, I.D. number and blog) to verify the authorship of the posts.

The objective is to express opinions, provide information and make citizen proposals in order to describe the Chilean reality in social and media terms after the earthquake. It also seeks to promote a positive outlook regarding the reconstruction of the country.

The five best entries will be given an entrance ticket to the Global Voices 2010 event. During the meeting, a prize of a cell phone will be awarded to the best post.

The period for receiving videos, images, audios and texts began on Monday 19 April and will end on 30 April at midnight.
Those interested in obtaining tickets to attend the meeting should enter this site.

Through this event, the country will once again demonstrate that normal conditions have returned quickly in spite of the magnitude of the catastrophe, considered to be the fifth largest earthquake in history. A few days ago Santiago was the venue for the ASI 2010 Contest for the World’s Best Sommelier, where the foreign attendants were able to appreciate Chile’s speedy reactivation.