Chile will Host the First Copa Americana of Indigenous Peoples

The event will take place on July

Copa Americana de Pueblos Indígenas

With the presence of Heraldo Muñoz, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Marcos Barraza, Minister of Social Development; Ernesto Ottone, Minister of Culture; and Natalia Riffo, Minister of Sports, the group draw of the teams playing the Copa Americana of Indigenous Peoples was conducted.

This is the first time an event like this is carried out at a continental level, and Chilean cities Arica and Santiago were chosen as hosts that will welcome the national teams from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Perú during July, when the the tournament will take place.

Ernesto Ottone, Minister of Culture, stated that the event is an instance for inclusion: “As part of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, we believe this tournament will be a success, because it is related to inclusion, the recognition of diversity, and the importance for Chile and the guest countries to understand we are a mestizo society. We seek to leave aside all existing differences.”

In addition to what Minister Ottone stated, Heraldo Muñoz pointed out that “we are mestizos, we are indigenous, we are original people. This diversity enriches us, and we want to highlight that characteristic in a very special way.”

The Chilean team is composed of some Mapuche Team members, who won the 3rd National Football Championship of Original Peoples. In addition, it will have backup players from the Aymara and Rapa Nui teams.

After the draw, Group A is composed by indigenous teams from Chile, Perú, Paraguay y México; and Group B by Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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