Chile will reward its entrepreneurs

The goal of the initiative is to acknowledge the 100 best experiences of recent times with prizes of up to US$ 8,000.


The Chilean government has launched the contest “Micro-entrepreneurs of the Bicentenary” with the idea of identifying the most successful and innovative experiences of recent times and supporting them in strengthening their work.

The event is aimed at people who have, at one time or another since 2005, received support from the government program “Solidarity and Social Investment Fund” (FOSIS).

Among the considerations to choose the 100 best entrepreneurial undertakings, quality of management, sustainability, innovation, effort, job creation, contribution to improved quality of life, and overcoming situations of vulnerability stand out.

“We want to recognize their effort and capacity to overcome situations of poverty and to offer their families a better standard of living using their ingenuity and hard work,” stated Planning Minister Paula Quintana.

The prizes for the winners consist in an initial capital of US$ 8,000 for the best project of the bicentenary, 15 distinctions of US$ 4,000 for entrepreneurs in each of the country’s regions and 84 special mentions of US$ 2,000.

The activity of Chilean SMEs (small and medium enterprises) is of vital importance to the country’s economy. The sector generates around 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provides jobs to 80% of the population that is economically active. Likewise, 49% of Chilean export firms belong to this sector.

The initiative comes in the context of plans to celebrate 200 years of independent national life.