Chile1mas1 announces its lucky winner

Thousands of competitors uploaded recommendations to Chile1mas1’s online platform in the hopes of winning a chance to bring a foreign friend to Chile.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sindi Córdova is the proud winner of the Fundación Imagen de Chile’s Chile1mas1 competition.

Starting in mid-December, competitors were asked to recommend specific Chilean places or things to one foreign friend, putting them in the running for the opportunity to bring that friend to Chile to experience the recommendation together, all expenses paid.

Selected from thousands of competitors, Córdova, a student at the Universidad de Andrés Bello, will have the astounding opportunity to bring her U.S. boyfriend Will Hutchinson to Chile and travel to the three locations she recommended to him: the Atacama Desert, Pucón, and Parque Naciónal Torres del Paine.

“I’ve never won anything before; I thought it was a joke!” Córdova told Las Ultimas Noticias.

The binational pair met when Córdova was taking a month-long intensive English immersion course in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her relationship with Hutchinson, a film student there, unfolded unexpectedly.

“We met and talked, it was amazing. I didn’t even realize what was happening,” Córdova described. “I immediately felt physically attracted to him but I didn’t know what he thought about me.”

Soon after, Córdova returned to Chile and the two remained connected through Skype. In December Hutchinson visited Córdova for three weeks in Chile.

Sad after Hutchinson’s departure, Córdova heard about Chile1mas1 and decided to try her luck, with the goal of bringing Hutchinson back to Chile firmly in her mind.

“The trip will help us get to know each other a lot better,” Córdova said.

Chile 1 mas 1

While the competition is over, Chile1mas1 still offers a wealth of information about Chile to both English and Spanish speaking travelers. With hundreds of original entries written by locals who truly know the places they’ve recommended, Chile1mas1 offers insider’s tips on what to eat, where to hike, and what to see in Chile’s unexplored corners.