Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera hits the big time in Hollywood

Star of The Life of Fish appears in a new HBO film alongside Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen and will have a recurring role in the popular U.S. series, Dexter. 

Santiago Cabrera’s star continues to rise overseas, with the Chilean actor appearing in the HBO telemovie “Hemingway and Gellhorn” alongside Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen.
Cabrera is also to take on a recurring role in U.S. series, “Dexter” following his run on the hit series “Heroes.” The actor will play a writer, Ethan Price, who investigates famous murderers in the United States. The series’ seventh season is to begin showing on U.S. television from September 30.
When asked last year about the difficulties of being a Latin American actor in the United States Cabrera replied, “it’s true that it can be a struggle, there’s stigma, but that is all part of the game and I also have a lot of fun. Moreover I have the advantage of not having an accent when speaking English, which allows me more variety (in the roles I play).”
Born in Caracas, Venezuela and despite having lived in a number of countries including Canada and Romania, Cabrera has not forgotten his Chilean origins. He returned to Santiago to film the acclaimed picture La vida de los peces (“The Life of Fish”) with director Matías Bize, a movie whose theme resonated strongly with the actor.
“I identified with the idea of returning, of reuniting,” said Cabrera. “I left Chile 11 years ago. I returned to film the movie and was reunited with various friends and with a director whose sensibility I felt was very close to my own and that made it all much easier.
“There’s something very positive about being all connected, because relationships are very difficult to maintain if, like myself, you have gone from one country to another. But you have to make the effort yourself – Facebook is not enough.”
La vida de los peces has received the Goya prize for best Latin American film, amid a recent boom in Chilean films, which included top honors at this year’s Sundance Festival.