Chilean airline LAN becomes 4th airline in world with Dreamliner

LAN is the first company in the Americas to operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a super-efficient plane that uses 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized crafts.

Chilean airline LAN has became the fourth airline in the world – and the first airline in the Americas – to receive a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
The eco-friendly aircraft is Boeing’s most fuel-efficient airline, using 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized planes. The plane –  which seats 217 in coach and 30 in «Premium Business” – utilizes advanced technology, like a health-monitoring system that self-monitors and reports maintenance issues to ground-based computer systems. The aircraft also enjoys more cargo revenue capacity.
According LAN CEO Ignacio Cuento, the Dreamliner is an excellent addition to the LAN fleet because of its energy efficiency and premium amenities for customers.
«LAN is proud to be the first airline in the Americas to receive the 787 Dreamliner,» Cueto told USA Today. «This is not only a milestone for LAN, but also for all of our passengers that will experience an enhanced LAN in-flight experience thanks to the cutting edge technology and visionary elements of this new aircraft. The Dreamliner will make it possible for us to cover greater distances in a more environmentally conscious and highly efficient aircraft which will help ensure our sustainable growth.»
The plane was officially handed over to LAN in a ceremony at the Boeing 787 production line in Everett, Washington. The ceremony featured both Boeing and LAN executives.
According to USA today, LAN hasn’t announced an exact date or schedule for the Dreamliner’s first commercial flight, but believes operations from Los Angeles to Lima will begin before the end of this year. The new craft is expected to serve Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lima, Los Angeles, Madrid and Frankfurt.
LAN is currently in the process of merging with Brazilian carrier TAM to become one of the world’s largest airlines. The company has purchased 32 Boeing 787 that it will receive over the next 10 years.