Chilean art displayed in New York’s most prestigious art fair

Between March 3-6, a new edition of the largest art fair in America’s largest city will host works from three of Chile’s best modern artists.


Chilean artists Iván Navarro, Jorge Tacla and Lotty Rosenfeld will shortly see their work on display in the 2011 edition of New York’s largest and most prestigious art fair, The Armory Show.

The event brings together 274 art galleries from around the world and is traditionally hosted on Piers 92 and 94 jutting into the Hudson River from the western edge of Manhattan. Pier 92 is dedicated to internationally renowned dealers specializing in Modern and historically significant contemporary art and features works from some of the most revered artists of the century such as Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Pablo Picasso.

Meanwhile, Pier 94, described on Armory’s website as “the foremost contemporary art fair in America,” features leading international exhibitions representing new works by living artists. Chilean gallery González and González will set up after having participated in Turin’s renowned Artissima, and the first virtual art fair, VIP.

This year’s Armory Show features an unprecedented space for Latin American art, with 21 galleries from Argentina, Mexico and Peru. Chile’s Isabel Aninat gallery will participate, featuring artists such as Peter Tyler, Denise Lira-Ratinoff and the Aninat-Swinburn collective, alongside more established artists such as Lotty Rosenfeld, who has just been included in the book Modern Woman, edited by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

“This August we will go on show at The Armory, after a long and rigorous process,” Gallery Director Daniella González – who represents some of the most successful Latin American artists on the international market – told La Tercera. “It’s a great achievement to have been selected for this first class art fair.”

Among those going to the event with her are Chileans Jorge Tacla and Patrick Hamilton, Peruvians Fernando Bryce, Jota Castro and David Zink Yi, and the Guatemalan Darío Escobar.

Represented by New York gallery Paul Kasmin, Iván Navarro’s installation features 24 square metre space surrounded by fluorescent light bars. The artist – who is famous for his luminous chairs and light installations – will also represent Chile at the Venice Biennale.

Chile, which recently celebrated the life of one of it’s most famous artists, Roberto Matta, has been going from strength to strength in the global art world. Artists from Chile were recently also displayed in the Saatchi Gallery in London.