Chilean artist puts abstract realism on display in Barrio Italia

Check out “Snapshots” by painter Felipe Achondo now through May 8 at Galería 13.

Head to Barrio Italia for a taste of the Chilean contemporary art scene now through May 8 at Galería 13, where 30-year-old Felipe Achondo’s portrait series “Snapshots” is now on display.

Each of the 12 oil paintings in “Snapshots” focuses on a single human figure that appears captured at a random moment on camera. While the focal point of each portrait is easily identifiable, Achondo’s abstract and ambiguous subjects are packed with intrigue, and the cool color tones and high-energy brush strokes of the series leave the viewer both calm and contemplative.

All of the paintings in “Snapshots” were developed this year, creating a technically and thematically unified exhibition that leaves a lasting impression.

About the artist

Over the course of his career, Santiago-born Achondo has transitioned from studio to studio to work under the guidance of Chilean and Spanish painters, and even studied the human form with sculptor Gustavo Ibarra in Buenas Aires, Argentina.

“Over the past 10 years my work has been a constant search for the style that represents me,” Achondo told This is Chile.

According to the artist, “Snapshots” illustrates a moment of clarity in this 10 year discovery process – but the artist recognizes that the search will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

“Somehow in 2010 all of this knowledge mixed together and shaped my recipe, and in this exposition I feel more comfortable with the work. However it’s a search that doesn’t stop, it continues and accompanies the artist constantly,” Achondo said.

Visiting Galería 13

Located in Santiago’s art-centric Barrio Italia neighborhood, Galería 13 has established itself as a center for the dissemination and development of contemporary Chilean art. The modern, two-floor gallery prides itself on exhibiting both established and emerging Chilean artists, with rotating shows featuring paintings, photography, sculpture, drawings, and prints.

Galería 13 is located at Girardi 1480, and is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

“Snapshots” will be on display until May 8. Check out this video for scenes from the exhibition’s opening night event on April 11.