Chilean audiovisual industry strengthened its Latin-American cooperation

In the last three years, more than 60 Chilean films have been screened in cinemas of 35 countries, and aired on more than 100 television channels across the world.


Cinema Chile has as its main aim to raise Chilean cinema and TV to an international level. The organisation was launched this week in Colombia as part of Chile’s international outreach strategy to spread Chilean expertise in audiovisual services.

The Chilean cinema delegation went on a tour organized by ProChile which hoped to improve commercial relations between both countries and to publicize the services Chile can offer. A total of 45 companies in the ICT sector, design and advertising, retail supports, audiovisual services and the environment, met a business conference.

In this context, Cinema Chile officially launched its brand at Latin American level, a step that was pending after its European launch in the film festivals of Cannes and Berlin. The delegation’s agenda included the screening of the film Navidad directed by Sebastián Lelio, with the presence of one of its protagonists, Alicia Luz Rodríguez.

The important aspect of this launch in Latin America was the signing of a cooperation agreement between Cinema Chile and its Colombian counterpart, Proimágenes.  This agreement would strengthen ties between the two countries and encourage Chilean producers to settle in Colombia, as can be seen in the case of Chilefilms which is in the process of building a laboratory in the coffee country.

«The Chilean audiovisual sector has already maximized its potential in the country, in order to continue growing it must globalize its services and export its skills, communicating its skills and offering its talents, this is why we have organized under a sectoral brand, aligned with the country’s image to provide our services out of production and post production to foreign markets» explained Bruno Bettati, director and president of the APCT.

The cinema industry in Chile

Thanks to promotion strategies, its diversity of environments, order, safety, good business climate and quality of its professionals, audiovisual production in Chile has had a sustained growth. In the last decade more than 100 films, 40 short films and 90 documentaries have been produced. Chile has more than 33 technical training centers aimed at all areas of expertise in the audiovisual sector and more than 100 producing companies which are finding their way into the international market.

Within the audiovisual services that there are in the country, you can find producing companies in five lines of business: Film, TV, production audiovisual services – post production – animation, Advertising Services and Location Scouting. Thanks to an associated work between public and private institutions for the international promotion of the audiovisual industry in Chile, during the last three years more than 60 Chilean movies have been screened in theaters in 35 countries and have been shown in more than 100 TV channels in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the U.S..

Among the latest national productions, the film La nana was given the award for Best International Dramatic Feature at the Sundance Festival. And the current case of Nostalgia de la Luz, of Patricio Guzmán, Post Mortem, of Pablo Larraín, or La Vida de los Peces of Matias Bize, films which were selected to participate or compete in officially in world-renowned film festivals such as Cannes, Venice and San Sebastián.