Chilean boxer and Latin American champ set to take on title

After getting help from a Chilean mayor, Carolina Rodríguez looks to take on the world championship in the bantamweight class.


Thanks to help from one city’s mayor, Chile’s top female boxer will be able to continue her hunt for big titles and possibly even a world championship.

Though not yet scheduled, Carolina Rodríguez hopes to host a world championship bantamweight fight in the southern city of Concepción. Rodríguez has held the Latin American regional title, known as the Fedelatin Championship, since February and is consistently ranked in the top-10 in her weight class on sports and betting websites around the globe.

Though she has long had the the fancy footwork and quick jabs of boxing down pat, funding has been an issue in the past for Rodríguez. That changed, though, when Concepción Mayor Carlos Valenzuela came to the plate and offered to help her fund a title bout in the city.

“I thought I could do something. Boxing is practiced a lot here in the Club Constitución and is very popular, especially with children,” the mayor told La Tercera. “That is why we sized up the importance of this achievement and what it would mean for our city and for Chile

Unfortunately, she missed the opportunity to fight for the World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight title. However, a rival association — the Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA) — offered Rodríguez the opportunity to fight for its title sometime in August in Concepción. She will spar in that bout against Mayerlin Rivas, a Venezuelan.

At 29 years old, Rodríguez is among the top female boxers in the world, despite coming to the sport late in life. Though many of her opponents are younger and have been boxing since childhood, she only took up the sport professionally at 21. Dissatisfied with her career in accounting, she walked away from her desk job to pursue boxing on the global stage.