Chilean businesspeople will have an innovative virtual office

Some of the advantages that entrepreneurs from all over the country will obtain from the system that this company offers include support for management issues, consulting services and infrastructure.

Virtual office
To guarantee entrepreneurs access, the consulting fee is zero

Chile is admired in Latin America and the world for having staked its bet on the issues of innovation and entrepreneurship. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which create 80% of the jobs in the country, are supported in different ways to facilitate their creation, make them stronger, and allow them to grow.

In this way, micro-businesses are given access to credit, training and support from international institutions, and the  Chilean state will soon launch a satellite into orbitthat will take high resolution pictures of the territory and its natural resources so the community and private companies can make use of them.

This reality will be strengthened even further with the arrival in Chile of the company R-Evolución, a firm that will work with businesspeople taking their first steps and who for one reason or another do not have all of the tools to make their businesses grow.

Depending on the option you choose, the innovative virtual office system, which promises a complete service with high levels of profit in the short-, medium- and long terms, includes renting a tax and commercial address, the creation of a work team of professional experts, constant executive coaching; financial consulting, the elaboration of business plans, corporate image and communications, websites, merchandising, corporate apparel and foreign trade.

To guarantee entrepreneurs access, the consulting fee is zero. “By providing free training, R-Evolución works primarily to guide decision-making and to advise entrepreneurs on the professional tools they need to develop their companies’ operations from the beginning to the end, contributing with knowledge, high-level contacts and ample experience in the sector,” says Lissette Gutiérrez, the owner of R-Evolución.

In addition, those who make use of the company’s services will benefit from other advantages in terms of infrastructure, offices, meeting rooms, phone call reception, photocopiers and scanners, all indispensable tools to compete in different sectors of the economy.

Those who want to access the benefits that the company offers must visit R-Evolución’s website.