Chilean capital ranks as top 3 student city in Latin America

QS World University Ranking praised the city for its quality of life and education, plus the excellent reputation that Santiago grads enjoy with employers.  

The list of Santiago’s attractions for international students is as long and varied as the country itself: one-of-a-kind research opportunities at the country’s laboratories and observatories; access to world-class museums and fascinating culture; and the chance to live in one of the hippest cities in the world, with the Andes and the Pacific Ocean for a playground.
Now, the secret is out of the bag: in a recent global ranking, Santiago launched into the top 50 cities in the world for students, and one of the top three university cities in Latin America.
The QS World University ranked 98 global cities on the basis of 12 criteria, including the quality of the degrees offered at the universities, the number of internationally-recognized institutions, and the reputation of the local universities with employers.
The capital ranked especially well on this last count, scoring 89 points for Santiago universities’ stellar reputation with employers in Chile and throughout the region.
The ranking also looked at the city itself: urban accessibility, quality of life, and the ratio of foreign students to domestic ones. Santiago scored well in accessibility (63) and quality of life (50), but heterogeneity (33) proved to be its weakness.
“The students choosing Santiago are particularly students from other Spanish-speaking countries,” said the lead investigator, Ben Sowter, who said Santiago was “a little weak” when it came to student mix.
But Sowter predicted that Chile’s star is just beginning to rise when it comes to attracting foreign students. And for the thousands of study abroad students who visit each semester from the United States, Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe, the Chilean capital offers plenty of good reasons to study, starting with its world class education.
“This ranking found that Santiago is one of the three best cities in Latin America, because it has five universities that stand out and are very well considered by the QS Global Ranking,” Sowter said from London.
Chile received an overall score of 302 points, placing it 41st in the world. Paris, France swept the global ranking, with 421 points and the greatest number of internationally-recognized universities. England’s London followed close behind, with 405 points and a reputation for being home to the world’s most prestigious universities.
Other top Latin American cities include Argentina’s Buenos Aires (339), Mexico City (322) and Brazil’s Sao Paulo (292).
More information on the ranking and its methodology can be found here.