Chilean capital to welcome world’s largest mining exhibition

Next month Santiago is set to host major mining event featuring businesses from 35 countries and visitors from around the world.

In April, the Chilean capital is poised to mix two of the things the country does exceedingly well — international business and mining.

From the 21-25 of next month, Santiago will welcome 1,400 suppliers and 80,00 local and international business professionals for the biannual World Mining Exhibition & Congress for Latin America (EXPOMIN 2014) at the Espacio Riesco exhibition center.

Part of the conference will allow government and industry leaders to discuss the current state of global mining and innovations in technology and other sciences that could improve the sector and in the near and distant future. Networking between suppliers and professionals is on the agenda too, fostering an ideal environment for business growth and cooperation.

There will also be numerous workshops and lectures to highlight the latest research and technologies that are changing the way the world approaches mining today and tomorrow.

Although regional developments are likely to feature prominently in the talking points of the exhibition, the attendees and presenters will represent 35 countries from around the world. Organizers expect government and industry leaders from not just Latin America, but also North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

This year, Nelson Pizarro —  CEO Lumina Copper Chile —  will serve as president of the event. In this role, the distinguished businessman was responsible for the keynote address given at the event’s launch last month.

“[Expomin] is the most significant space to review how the industry is doing, an industry that is most visible in Chile because of the contribution it makes to the economic and social development,” Pizarro said in his speech.

He added that now is the time for creative solutions, and EXPOMIN is the ideal place to bring the industry together behind the goal of innovation, sustainability and new ways of tackling age-old issues.

Chile is a natural host for this major international event — the largest of its kind for the mining industry — as the country is a global leader in the industry, principally for its dominance in the copper market. It also is home to several major gold mines and innovative companies looking to find new and improved ways of continuing this global industry. The Andean nation previously hosted the exhibition in 2012.

For more information or details for how to attend, visit the official EXPOMIN site here.