Chilean companies seek new business opportunities in Mexico

The event will allow Chilean businesspeople from different sectors to learn about the diverse investment opportunities that the Mexican market offers, to which products worth almost US$ 1.5 billion were exported in 2009.


Starting this Monday June 14, over 40 Chilean companies from the service and industrial sectors will participate in a meeting in Mexico whose main purpose is to analyze that market’s potential and to close new business deals with their Mexican counterparts.

The event, which will last through tomorrow, Tuesday 15, will include a series of workshops, seminars, and business roundtables, in addition to a fashion show and trade missions to several Mexican states so that Chilean businesspeople can obtain relevant information on the Mexican market.

Specifically, the Chilean companies that are already in Mexico represent sectors from the textile industry, accessories, containers and packaging, and suppliers for the mining and information technology sectors, among others.

In this way, Chilean companies intend to deepen their presence in the Mexican market, to which US$ 1.466 billion were exported in 2009, while imports totaled US$ 1.178 billion.

Likewise, the Chilean economy is strengthening its relationship even furtherwith other countries in the region, where it already has a close commercial relationship with Brazil, the country’s fourth-largest trading partner.