Chilean conference attracts global experts in computer security

The one-day event in Santiago will explore the latest developments in cyber attack along with the best techniques for keeping them at bay.


In an age where increasing amounts of private and confidential information are accessed and transferred online, Chile is gearing up to host its first ever conference dedicated to exploring the technical aspects of internet security.

The anti-hacking event to be held this Friday, November 18, will bring computer security experts to Santiago from throughout South America and as far afield as Germany, Italy and the United States.

Representing companies like Cisco, McAfee, Dreamlab Technologies and iSecLab, speakers will share the latest techniques in hacking from around the world, along with tips about the most advanced methods for preventing the harmful cyber attacks.

Organizer Gabriel Bergel said the purpose of the day-long event was to provide useful and applicable information.

“Our objective is to hold a different type of conference that is not oriented towards governance or management and that is not simply about promoting commercial ends,” he said.

“What we want to do is provide evidence about the latest techniques that are being used to take advantage of platforms and systems, the newest types of registered attacks and the way that they materialize, are repelled and are finally solved.”

Senior operations manager for McAfee Labs in Latin America, Michael Price, said the conference was an important milestone for Chile and South America.

“When we talk about attacks in cyberspace, we do so without knowing how they are performed or what exactly that term means,” he told Chilean technology website, TransMedia.

“So we think it’s good that these experts are coming to tell us about things like attacks on mobile devices or other systems, and to enable us to think about how to defend ourselves.”

Below are summaries of three of the key presentations scheduled for the event.

You have already been hacked
Kurt Grutzmacher
Cisco (USA)

There is a high chance that most organizations have already been affected by some form of attack, such as social engineering or password reuse. This presentation will look at the most effective hacking techniques and how to prevent them, based on 10 years of testing carried out by Cisco’s Security Posture Assessment team.

Telephone Switches: 5ESS and DMS – Interface and Internals
Jonathan Stuart

This presentation will cover wire tapping, mobile security gaps and the basic interfaces needed to create ‘ghost lines’, which are used to send false numbers.

Gaining Full System Access via Virtual Memory
Thomas Wittman
Dreamlab Technologies (Germany)

We are living in a virtual world that is full of encryption. Common storage devices and network communications can be encrypted easily but plain text still remains sensitive to attack, especially in virtual work stations. This presentation will look at how to protect information being stored online.

The computer security conference will be held at Cine Arte Normandie (Tarapaca 1181, Santiago) at 8.30 am.

For more information (in Spanish) visit the conference website.