Chilean delegation forges ties at world’s largest mining expo

Over 100 Chilean representatives attended MINExpo in Las Vegas last month, where they shared the Andean nation’s products at a special pavilion. 

Over 100 Chileans descended on the world’s largest mining convention in Las Vegas last month, presenting exhibits on the industry and networking with business leaders from across the globe.
MINExpo, which takes place every four years at the Las Vegas Convention Center, featured about 1,800 exhibitors over 12 indoor and outdoor areas. Over 60,000 visitors attended this year’s fair, which took place September 24-26.
Chile’s delegation to MINExpo included over 100 mining executives from across the country and 12 companies, making it the largest delegation from the Andean nation to ever attend a mining industry convention. This reflects how important MINExpo is to Chilean executives, according to a statement from ProChile, the organizer of the Chilean pavilion.
The Chilean pavilion at MINExpo featured space for each of the 12 companies to exhibit at the fair, private meeting areas for one-one-one networking, and exhibits on manufacturing services, technological solutions, and safety. To the delight of many of MINExpo’s attendees, a replica of the Phoenix 2 Capsule that rescued the 33 trapped miners in 2010 was also on display.
Chile’s mining industry had plenty to share with the international community at MINExpo. Chile is the world’s leading copper producer, and is often considered the mining capital of Latin America. In addition to copper, the country produces gold, silver, iron and coal.
According to Francisco Correa, Commercial Director for ProChile in the U.S., Chile is a vital ally to the U.S. mining industry – and copper imports are on the rise.
“To the U.S., Chile is a key actor in mining. In 2011, U.S. imports of copper and copper manufactures added up to US$11.436 billion, with a growth of 30 percent in comparison with 2010. Thus, Chile has positioned itself as its principal supplier,” Correa said.
Chile’s mining community already has another international event in store to look forward to: Asia Copper Week. This unprecedented event, organized by Chile and taking place in Shanghai, will bring leaders of the copper industry together November 26-28 to discuss the future of the sector.