Chilean developers launch game for iPad

In addition, a group of Chilean entrepreneurs created Rebuild Chile, a game where you have to rebuild homes and buildings damaged by the earthquake that hit Chile last February.


Despite the fact that the iPad is has not gone on sale in Chile, local developers have already begun work to take advantages of the opportunities that the new Apple gadget offers. This is the case with the game “Brainshake,” created by the Chilean firm Mundomono.

This application is sold on the Apple Store website for US$ 0.99 and it essentially consists in a screen showing a machine that issues instructions to the player: turning a wheel, pulling a lever, squeezing a ball, moving a switch, or shaking the iPad.

The speed and difficulty increases with time. The best thing about it is that a diverse public can use it, from five-year-old children to adults.

In addition to Mundomono, other Chilean developers are working to create innovative applications for the iPad, such as the companies Suika and Baytex, which have already designed programs for other platforms like the iPhone and the iPod.

Innovating for reconstruction

Examples like Brainshake are evidence of the boom the Chilean software industry is going through. Another very creative case is that of “Rebuild Chile,” a game that is aimed at helping to rebuild buildings that were damaged and destroyed in the earthquakethat shook Central-Southern Chile last 27 February.

The project was developed by a group of Chileans belonging to the Association of Video Game Developers. Whoever wants to download it has to visit the website, where they can also download versions for iPhones and iPods. In addition, they hope to release a version for the Xbox 360 soon.

The massification of this industry has even reached Chilean universities, which have developed educational video games to help improve the learning process for students.