Chilean DJ wins 3rd place at international DJ competition

DJ Drummer, a Chiloé native, beat out DJs from around the world in the Grand Finale of the Red Bull Thre3style. 

The 18 best DJs from across the globe descended on Chicago over the weekend for The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals, and after five nights of competition the judges have spoken: Chile’s own DJ Drummer is the third best DJ in the world.
Four Color Zack of the United States was crowned World Champion, and Nedu Lopes of Brazil took second.
The competition, now in its second year, challenged competitors to rock the judges – and a crowd of over 500 party-goers – in a 15 minute DJ set. DJs were required to incorporate at least three genres of music into their mix, and each was judged on track selection, creativity, stage presence, mixing skills and – most importantly – how well they could get the party going.
For DJ Drummer, a Chiloé native, the road to the World Finals was not an easy one. He first had to be crowned the National Champion of Chile, and then pass through a Regional Qualifying round to make it to Chicago. Then, once in Chicago, he had to be declared the winner of his Pre-Qualifying round on September 26, where he competed against DJs from South Korea, The Netherlands, and The United States.
DJ Drummer’s mixes stood out from the competition because of his use of one of Chile’s most beloved popular music genres: heavy metal. The DJ likes to utilize the adrenaline-packed drumlines of metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera to rev up his crowds. The latter took his set at the National Finals in Chile to another level, according to The Red Bull Thre3style website.
“It was a combination of surprises more than just a track,” DJ Drummer told Red Bull Thre3style about his set at the National Finals. “I always go with the strength of the rock.”
DJ Drummer also utilized this tactic for his Pre-Qualifying set in Chicago. The crowd went wild, and he ended up winning the round’s US$1,000 prize – and the chance to take his sound to Saturday’s World Finals. You can hear DJ Drummer’s Pre-Qualifying mix here, and his third-place-winning Final mix here.
For DJ Drummer, representing Chile on the international stage is a great honor.
“It is very exciting to compete for my country. Everything represents Chiloé and all the people in Chile – it’s like being in the Olympics!” he told La Nacion.