Chilean entrepreneurs bet on sustainable business

The initiative provides financial support to innovators from all over the country who not only bet on the development of their companies and businesses, but also on protecting the environment.

After the workshop the 20 proposals with the most potential were chosen for pre-incubation
After the workshop the 20 proposals with the most potential were chosen for pre-incubation

For three days over 60 Chilean entrepreneurs underwent intense training to shore up their ability to innovate and to strengthen their Eco Business projects.

The workshop entitled “From Ideas to Business” was organized by the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) Business Incubator and is a pioneering proposal aimed at rewarding sustainable projects and supporting the development of new businesses that have a favorable environmental impact, guaranteeing their sustainability and a better quality of life.

With this goal in mind, the “Eco Negocios ECO 20” competition considers three contest categories: Eco Foods, Eco Technology and Eco Tourism, which entrepreneurs from all over Chile could participate in. The only requirement was to create or to consolidate companies committed to the environment.

In this way, after the workshop the 20 proposals with the most potential were chosen for pre-incubation, thus gaining free access to the Incuba Innovo-Usach services to strengthen business plans.

Once the two-month strengthening process has been completed the Eco20 Contest will conclude with the selection of the best business plans, which will receive prizes of close to US$ 2,000, while the best of all will receive almost US$ 6,000.

Dr. María Teresa Santander, director of the Innovo-Usach Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, highlighted the importance of this type of initiative, which allows progress to be made in the creation of a better planet. “It is currently an imperative to work for a sustainable Chile if we want to leave coming generations the legacy of a country that respects itself, that protects the environment, and is characterized by an environmentally friendly economic development.”

“It is in this direction that Universidad de Santiago de Chile has wanted to direct its support and to accompany those who have not only dared to innovate, but also to make this world a better place to live,” the academic said.

Over the last few years Chile has bet heavily on the development of productive sectors that protect the environment, which is why diverse sectors in the country have implemented programs aimed at reducing the environmental damage caused by human activity. Likewise, the Chilean state has made progress in the

diversification of the energy matrix, which now includes nonconventional renewable and clean energy sources.