Chilean exports grew 34 percent in September

More signs of growth for Chile as its trade surplus increases with the help of high copper exports


Chile’s exports rose 34 percent in September over last year, the central bank said, pushing the country’s trade surplus to its highest since January this year.

The trade surplus was US$1.78 billion in September with US$6.50 billion in exports led by strong Copper sales compared with US$4.72 billion in imports.

The country’s trade surplus was US$530 million in August with exports of US$5.4 billion and imports of US$4.9 billion. It has accumulated a $10.2 billion trade surplus through September this year.

The Chilean economy has been experiencing strong growth in the past months. For instance, it grew 7.6 percent August, compared to a year ago and the finance ministry said on October 5 it expects the national economy to grow 5.1 percent in 2010 and 6.1 percent in 2011. The International Monetary Fund predicts growth of around 5 and 6 percent.