Chilean film company greenlights ‘Young and Wild’ follow up

Fabula, the producers behind Oscar nominated ‘No’, teams up with Sundance Lab winner Marialy Rivas, of ‘Joven y Alocada’ fame, on new project ‘La Princesita’.

Two of Chile’s most exciting film industry figures, director Marialy Rivas and writer Camila Gutiérrez, are teaming up once again on a follow-up project to their highly acclaimed 2012 film Joven y Alocada (Young and Wild).

The script for the new film, titled La Princesita (The Little Princess), won a spot at the coveted Sundance Lab last year, allowing Rivas and Gutiérrez to workshop their first draft for three weeks in Utah with mentors and advisors from the respected Sundance Institute.

Beyond its ideal editing conditions, the lab also increases a script’s chances of being picked up by a production company. This was the case with La Princesita, which became linked in November to Chilean film-house Fabula, the company behind Pablo Larrain’s film No.

Prior to winning a spot at the lab, Rivas and Gutiérrez were both recognized by Sundance in high-profile fashion when the pair won the World Cinema Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2012 for Joven y Alocada.

Joven y Alocada was born out of a blog of the same name that Gutiérrez wrote in her teens between 2005-2007, documenting a clandestine sex-fuelled youth hidden from an evangelical family. The racy film was mostly well received, shocking some with its frank and open portrayal of teenage sexual awakening.

La Princesita will similarly follow a girl living in a privileged and conservative household in Chile, yet the protagonist is set to be younger, at around 11. However, this will not prevent Rivas and Gutiérrez from exploring the themes for which they are known.

“Though the film follows a young girl, we added a sexual dimension,” Rivas told La Tercera. “Alongside the child is a boy. There is eroticism. And that is taboo: nobody talks about sexuality of children between 9 and 11 year olds.”

The project is in its early stages and no time-frame for production has yet been released.