Chilean fish make a splash at N. America’s biggest seafood expo

Healthy and nutritious Chilean salmon among the fish products to make an appearance at Seafood Expo in Boston

Trips to the beach, surfing and great views are some of the advantages Chile enjoys from its thousands of miles of coastline. Business-wise, though, the vast seas easily accessible from the country are best-known for the top-quality fish they produce for both the national and international market.

Aiming to build on this industry’s exponential growth over the last 30 years, industry representatives from Chile traveled to the Seafood Expo in Boston in March, the biggest event of its kind in North America.

Cermaq, Chile Seafoods, Integra Chile, Pacific Gold – Mussels, Pacific Star, Sudmaris, Patagonia SeaFarms and Ventisqueros were among the companies represented in a large pavilion at the event in the famous U.S. port city.

Speaking before the event, Pedro Pablo Aresti, commercial director of export industry promoters ProChile in New York, explained the unique selling points of Chilean aquaculture products.

“We want to present salmon as a source of protein much more valuable and healthy than either chicken or red meat, both popular products here,” he said. “Chile is the principal exporter of salmon to the U.S. and the second to the world market overall. Now the challenge is that people recognize the country as a trustworthy trading partner of healthy, nutritious products.”

This wholesome, health-conscious value is a key driver behind the export success of Chilean products in recent years.

The nutritional benefits of Chilean salmon — farmed in the fresh, clear waters of the country’s pre-patagonian south — include: Vitamin A, B and D; minerals zinc, phosphorous, calcium and iron; and omega acids.

Demonstrating the increasing brand awareness of alimentative-aware consumers, the “Salmon from Chile” and “Patagonia Mussel” labels have been part of selling initiatives, guiding hungry shoppers to the high quality produce and further strengthening the Andean Nation’s reputation for delicious and healthy seafood.