Chilean hideaway in Chiloé named one of the best in the world

Refugio Lodge, tucked away on Chiloé Island, named one of the best exotic hideaways by travel connoisseurs Fodor’s.

Nestled between forest and sea, Chiloé’s Refugio Hotel blends right into the magical landscape of Chiloé Island creating a unique and beautiful escape for any visitor. A perfect blend of rustic and luxury, it comes as no surprise that the lodge was named one of the best in the world by Travel experts Fodor’s, making the list of top “exotic hideaways.”

Among the many reasons to love the Refugio, Fodor’s highlights its unique location, its all-inclusive offerings, the wide variety of activities available, and of course the complementary hand-knit slippers.

Sitting on the edge of the water, the Refugio’s twelve rooms all have sea views, but looking out from the hotel visitors can also look out over hills of wildflowers, rugged coastlines, islands, as well as the majestic Andes in the background. The hotel was designed to fit right into this edge-of-the-world landscape, its geometric architecture integrating itself into the hillside.

The rooms are also designed to transport visitors to this idyllic world of nature and luxury, embodying the idea of a warm welcoming refuge in the enchanting wilderness. Each room includes a terrace, a dining room, and a living space complete with a fireplace. If the setting itself does not put you at ease, the lodge also boasts a spa with all the fixings, including a massage room.

The only con listed by Fodor’s was that it is “quite a trek from just about anywhere in the world.” However, the journey to Chiloé is worth it. The mystical archipelago in Northern Patagonia is full of unique culture, unmatched landscapes, not to mention delicious local cuisine. Explore the many colorful churches across the islands, many of them UNESCO world heritage sites, discover the intricate art of Chiloé’s weavers, or fill up on a traditional curanto, a dish full of seafood, meat, and local veggies cooked to perfection over hot stones for an hour.

Getting there

Chiloé’s principal city, Castro, has a commercial airport offering easy links from the mainland and the capital. Only 30 minutes drive from the airport, Refugio can be reached easily from the rest of Chile. You can also reach the archipelago via car or bus, taking a short ferry from the mainland.