Chilean hit video game developers announce Zeno Clash sequel

ACE Team uses key E3 Expo to unleash news of Zeno Clash 2, boosting anticipation for its 2013 release.

Chile’s ACE Team along with mega-partner Atlus have publicly unveiled their plans for a sequel to the hit Zeno Clash, the title that rocked the video gaming world in 2009. The plans were announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 Expo, the industry’s most powerful international trade show, which was held recently in Los Angeles, California.

«The reception was spectacular. Just giving the news, the media’s reaction, the reaction in the fan forums,» commented Andrew and Carlos Bordeu, the game’s designers, after the announcement was made at the expo, which annually draws more than 50 thousand people.

According to the ACE Team, Zeno Clash 2 should reach the eager hands of gamers “sometime in 2013,” though it will be exclusively available via download from for the latest generation consoles from Sony (Playstation Store) and XBOX (XBOX Live).  No physical release of the game is planned.

«We are a Latin American studio, small and independent and do not go out to battle the retail giants. We focus more on technical quality and creativity, rather than production or graphics, so that our products are and will be perceived as unique,“ they added.

Zeno Clash 2 will continue with the first-person fighter style of its predecessor, but will feature a new, revamped world awaiting discovery and teeming with «most of the characters, enemies, and items from the first game–all of which return with dramatic visual enhancement» as well as a host of new characters and items. Avid video gamers will appreciate the updated fighting system, which allows for pinpoint striking, as well as the added RPG (Role Playing Game) features.

The original Zeno Clash was recognized by PC Gamer Magazine as the best independent release of 2009, later calling it one history’s top 100 computer games. It also received a nomination in the Visual Arts category at the Independent Games Festival, the «sundance of video games.»