Chilean innovation on show in New York with ProChile

Some of Chile’s best and brightest ‘new technologies’ producers will appear in the Big Apple, presenting their state-of-the-art products to US investors in the heart of the American business community.


Chilean innovation hits New York this week as five of the nation’s top small and medium enterprises (SMEs) travel to the Big Apple to present their latest investment opportunities to the US market.

The five Chilean companies, who hold exclusive international patents for several cutting-edge technological and medical advances, will appear at the ‘Chile SME Investment Opportunities’ exposition on Dec. 8 at the Puro Chile Store, an emporium for Chilean produce in the heart of New York.

The event, the first Chilean initiative of its kind in the US, is organized by ProChile, the nation’s Trade Commission, in association with global entrepreneurship body Endeavor and the Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA).

Puro Chile was recently in the limelight when it presented the highlights of ProChile and Sercotec’s Second National Contest of Design and Innovation in Handicraft.

The new show will be an opportunity for top American investors to see developments from up-and-coming SMEs in Chile: biotech firm Aguamarina, IT company Gled, medical equipment producer Surikat and high-tech IT developers Wiseconn and Woodtech.

The Trade Commissioner of Chile in New York, Alejandro Cerda, said that the gathering was a unique opportunity to show a “new type of Chilean company” to the United States market.

“SMEs in new technologies are driving a lot of the innovation in Chile,” he said. “We are excited to promote these efforts under the ‘Chile’ brand, bringing to the US products with high quality standards, innovation, and research and development (R+D).”

He added that the five companies had “great potential to successfully enter the US market.

Two of the Chilean companies, Woodtech and Aguamarina, already receive support from global entrepreneurship mentor Endeavor, whose mission is to identify potential ‘high-impact’ entrepreneurs from around the world and provide then with expert mentoring and advice.

The NGO’s co-founder and CEO, Linda Rottenburg, said she was “thrilled” to work with ProChile to help showcase their work.

“Woodtech and Aguamarina are both wonderful examples of high-impact entrepreneurs: companies that are proving their ability to scale, create jobs and contribute to Chile’s economic development,” she said. “We hope to help accelerate their growth through access to sources of smart capital at events like these.”

Investment in ‘new technologies’ firms will be instrumental in the continued growth of Chile’s economy, according to capital investments organization LAVCA, who said that the five companies on show “represent the type of innovation that will continue to strengthen Chile’s investment opportunities.”

LAVCA currently ranks Chile at number one on its 2010 scorecard for Latin American and Caribbean investment environments, and foreign investment to the country has already seen a 201 percent increase from January to November 2010, compared to the same period in 2009.

With the Chilean economy going from strength to strength, displaying impressive recovery from the global recession and the Feb. 27 earthquake, the New York event should provide a further boost to Chile’s booming expansion in global trade.