Chilean investment overseas totals US$ 4.557 billion in 2009

Chilean investors engaged in operations for US$ 3.381 billion in the second half of the year alone, the highest semiannual amount in the last 12 years.

Chilean investments

Chile’s insertion in the world is a reality. In the last few years the country has signed free trade agreements with the world’s main economies, such as the United States, the European Union (EU), Japan and China.

The results in 2009 confirm the excellent international economic relations that Chile has cultivated. Thus, last year Chilean investment overseas registered a spectacular 46% increase to US$ 4.217 billion in 2009, an amount that is very close to the historic maximum of US$ 4.557 billion in 2007, the year before the international financial crisis broke out.

The excellent results produced in the second half of the year had a fundamental influence. International projects in this period alone totaled US$ 3.381 billion, the highest semiannual amount in the past 12 years.

In addition, and confirming this trend, Chilean investment was mainly concentrated in Latin America, with Brazil topping the list and followed by Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Meanwhile, the sectors that led the Chilean expansion abroad were forestry, commerce and energy, which together totaled 87% of the overall amount. The industrial sector lagged behind with 7% and the rest was distributed among transportation, real estate development and mining.

The resources were specifically allocated to acquiring companies, with 59% of purchases, especially in Brazil’s energy, forestry and industrial sectors. The international crisis caused the cost of certain important companies to drop, facilitating the Chilean investors’ actions.

For its part, the expansion of already existing projects comprised 28%, with the retail sector leading operations in countries like Colombia, Argentina and Peru, while in the commerce sector the most important investments were materialized in the latter country.