Chilean lagoon company set to undertake huge project in Thailand

Crystal Lagoons will work alongside huge Thai property developer to create incredible lagoon-side paradise.

Chile’s stunning Patagonia region is packed with beautifully clear lagoons and breathtaking scenery. But what happens if you want a piece of Patagonia somewhere else in the world?

A Chilean visionary — Fernando Fishmann — is making waves in the world of real estate by embarking on his most ambitious and expensive venture to date. The company he founded in 2007, Crystal Lagoons, is to build 90 luxury, lagoon-side residences — in Thailand.

Crystal Lagoons specialises in transforming coastal locations into idyllic beach paradises using cutting edge technology. Already famous for creating the largest swimming pool on Earth at Algarrobo’s San Alfonso del Mar resort, the company has made a name for itself around the world.

Working alongside PACE Development Corporation PLC, the Crystal Lagoons team will be installing progressive, patented and unique technology 124 miles south of Bangkok.

In total, the development — called Mahasamutr Hua Hin — will include US$450 million spent on constructing the villas, each of which will range from US$1.2 million and US$2.5 million and boast direct access to the waterfront.

The site comprises 19.5 hectares, seven of which be a crystalline lagoon. As well as the villas, a clubhouse will also be built offering a wide range of activities from spa treatments to cinema — not to mention a whole host of sports.

Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, will be designing the complex, which according to Crystal Lagoons, will be unlike anything else on the market.

“The project is an innovative and powerful concept that is revolutionary on the real estate market,” Kevin Morgan, CEO of Crystal Lagoons, writes on the company website. “The development demonstrates that Crystal Lagoons technology makes it possible to bring idyllic beach life anywhere in the world.”

The idea for Crystal Lagoons was originally born in 1997, when Fischmann began planning the development of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, a small town on Chile’s central coast. The surrounding coastline was unsuitable for swimming due to low water temperatures, so the Chilean decided to do something about it.

Fischmann was forced to create and test his own technologies — simply because nothing else existed. Eventually he developed original and radical methods, allowing the construction of sustainable lagoons anywhere in the world at very low cost.

The Crystal Lagoons team comprises a talented group of individuals who strive to bring luxurious beach life to locations previously unimagined. The company’s patented technology is also used in sustainable thermo-electric cooling, industrial plants, desalination and low cost water purification.