Chilean music stars fly to Cannes

Francisca Valenzuela heads a group of Chilean musicians to the world’s most important music fair.  

Things are looking up for Chile’s “princess of rock,” Francisca Valenzuela, with the announcement that she will head a team of Chile’s most important musicians to the biggest music fair in the world: the Midem.
The news was a dramatic turn-around for Valenzuela, who had the worst imaginable start to 2012 when thieves broke into her rehearsal room in Santiago, making off with all of her musical equipment.
The losses added up to well over US$20,000, but it wasn’t enough to keep the talented 24-year-old off the road.
“We’ve been given some instruments and at other times we’ve had to rent,” Valenzuela told La Tercera.
Since 2011 the singer has been on tour to promote her second album Buen Soldado (“Good Soldier”), which has seen her travel to France, Argentina, Mexico and the United States and play festivals like Lollapalooza Chile and the Austin City Limits in Texas, in which she shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Arcade Fire and Kayne West.
Her first album Muérdete La Lengua (“Bite Your Tongue”), released in 2007 when Valenzuela was only 20, stamped her arrival onto the Chilean music scene, with her biggest hit, Dulce, hitting number two on the Chilean charts.
Now the singer is hoping that exposure at such a high-profile event as Midem will help her up-beat, jazz and rock-influenced tunes have a similar effect on an international level.
Midem, held in the French city of Cannes, is world’s largest music industry trade fair. Every year it brings together musicians, industry executives and journalists from all around the world, providing a forum for discussion on the future artists, trends and issues of the music industry.
The fair has been the launching pad for many music superstars, such as Amy Winehouse, and Valenzuela is aware that this could be the opportunity to cement her career.
“l will have between 45 minutes and an hour on stage,” the singer said. “We’ll do a mix of an electric and acoustic performance. I’m going with my whole band.”
Valenzuela heads a delegation sponsored by the Chilean National Council of Culture and Arts, which will include production company Evolución Producciones as well as Chile’s Radio Uno.
Midem will run from January 28 to 31 and will also feature 2manydjs and The Ting Tings.