Chilean National Debate Team Shines in Qatar

The team of five students defeated New Zealand, current world champion in this practice.


The Chilean National Debate Team showed an excellent level in the WSDC Mini Tournament for the specialty that was held in Qatar in early November. The national team, comprised of five students, was crowned champion of the event after defeating current leader New Zealand.

The Chilean campaign was perfect. Without a single defeat in all of its debates, in the decisive session it achieved a solid victory over the New Zealanders: the results of the decision handed down by the jury of specialists from diverse countries was a unanimous 9-0.

The issues that the students discussed in the championship were centered on the environmental context, especially climate change, the fight against bribery, and military intervention in certain countries like Somalia, which has a serious piracy problem.

For team captain and director of the Universidad Andrés Bello Debate Society, Álvaro Ferrer, these youths have earned the distinction: “While our students had previous experience with debate, they were novices in this type of competition and its rules. They learned well and quickly and proved it by winning each debate.”

The trip also enabled the five speakers to attend the Sixth Global Forum on Combating Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity, where they contributed with a discussion of anticorruption laws and the perspectives of shareholders in their role enforcing the law and due process.

The next great challenge for the national representatives will also be in Qatar, in February 2010, when the World Schools Debating Championship will be held.