Chilean Pavilion in Expo Shanghai projects US$ 5 million sales

Products like copper handcrafts, wines and pisco are being sold at a faster pace than what the organizers of the Chilean Pavilion had expected.

The Chilean stand offers products that are typical of the South American country

So far the exhibit in the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo Shanghai international fair, which 192 countries are participating in, has been a success. The Chilean stand offers products that are typical of the South American country and proyects US$ 5 million sales for the closing of the internarional fair.

Hernán Somerville, the general commissioner of the Chilean representation in China, highlights the positive reception that Chilean products have received, in an article he published in the newspaper La Tercera.

“It has been a very welcome surprise to see flagship products like copper handicrafts, wines and pisco selling out faster than had been expected, totaling US$ 5 million,” Somerville highlights.

The Chilean proposal, which covers 2,500 m2, emphasizes issues like Chilean culture, urbanism and society, stressing the virtuous models that have allowed the country to resolve the problems of contemporary cities, including state housing policy.

Another Chilean novelty that has captivated the Chinese public is the Chilean “tree trunk of sounds”, created by the sculptor Osvaldo Peña and the acoustic engineer Luis Barrie. It consists in a 3.8 m Mediterranean cypress truck that surprises you by producing different sounds representative of Chile from its different nooks and crannies.

Nor has innovation been absent from the Chilean pavilion, something represented by the copper cages for fish, which help to purify the water and to reduce infections among fish thanks to the red metal’s antiseptic properties.

The Chilean representatives and stand will remain in the Asian giant through 31 October. It has been calculated that some 3.5 million visitors will visit the exhibit.