Chilean Photographer Paz Errázuriz Wins Important Spanish Photography Award

PhotoEspaña 2015 awarded the national artist the prize for her black and white portrait work

Paz Errázuriz

The International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts PhotoEspaña, which takes place in Madrid, gathers hundreds of people every year with photography exhibitions of international artists. This sunday the highest award of the 2015 version was awarded to the distinguished national photographer Paz Errázuriz. She is the first Chilean artist to receive this award, and the third Latin American artist after Guatemalan Luis González de Palma and Mexican Graciela Iturbide.

“It is so pleasing to be granted this award after so many years of work, and verify that the interlocution with Europe is growing, as well as the presence of our south in the main northern art events,” said Paz Errázuriz about the award.

Her photography work is mainly based on black and white portraits that become a social documentation, together with its social interactions. PhotoEspaña awards director, María Gracia Yelo states that “this award is a recognition to the rigor, empathy, and respect with which the author has portrayed contemporary social life through different human groups, such as hardworking boxers, stigmatised transvestites, sick people confined in psychiatric centers, naked bodies sculpted by age, melancholic tango performers, or circus characters. This makes her an iconic and peculiar character in the international photography scene.”