Chilean photography is star attraction at Spanish festival

Over 100 works from Chile’s leading contemporary photographers are at the forefront of an international event in Barcelona promoting peace and tolerance.


A display of contemporary Chilean photos is the centerpiece of the Photography Week for Peace festival currently taking place in Barcelona’s historic Montjuic Castle.

Coordinated by the Photography Division of Chile’s National Arts and Culture Council (CNCA), the collection brings together 110 works by acclaimed local photographers such as Paz Errázuriz, Tomás Munita, Jorge Brantmayer and Kena Lorenzini.

Entitled Con-vivencia (Co-existence), the Chilean exhibition is the main focus of the international event organized by the Barcelona International Peace Resource Center.

Curator Luis Weinstein told La Tercera that the exhibition demonstrates the high standard of Chilean photography.

“There has been an interesting shift from the documentary photography of the 1980s to today’s more sophisticated work that better reflects the author’s personality and technical diversity,” he said.

“These later photographs have been expressing a more universal language that can be easily read in any part of the world.”

The photos in the Chilean display were chosen from a selection of publicly funded projects put together between 2004 and 2010, in an effort to provide a broad overview of the current state of photography in the South American nation.

According to Weinstein, all the pieces that make up the Chilean display explore the difficulties that come with coexistence.

“It’s a theme that’s important for indigenous groups, the detained and disappeared people or people who feel marginalized,” he said.

“Munita’s series on the death of the Loa River provides the first evidence of the future wars over water that the earth will experience.”

Following the week-long festival, the Con-vivencia exhibition will remain on display at Montjuic Castle until January 15, 2012.

The photos will then feature in the official opening of the Rodó Park Open Air Gallery in Uruguay, set to take place next October.