Chilean programs triumph in international markets

A 100% made in Chile software package has managed to conquer Latin America, consolidating the country’s image as a technology exporter. And it is now going for the United States and Europe.


Successful. That word fully summarizes the experience of developing and commercializing software “Made in Chile” in international markets, an initiative implemented by the Chilean Technology Consortium Sixlabs, the first of its kind in the country.

Together with the Sixbell Nekotec Solutions technology firm, Fundación para la Transferencia Tecnológica (UNTEC) of Universidad de Chile, the Commlogik Corporation, in representation of Intel, and Corfo’s Innova Chile program, the company has been working on the promotion and sale of its products overseas for four years.

In this first stage, efforts have been aimed at developing diverse programs, including the “Business Application Server,” “Telecom Application Server” and “Signaling Application Server,” which are mainly aimed at the European, Asian, and North American markets.

These applications have a unique potential, as they allow operators to develop added-value services for their customers. This strategy has enabled Sixlabs to position itself on the vanguard in Latin America, because in addition to creating the software it offers an updating service.

“In Mexico we are updating software in a major way, upgrading our old products to the latest generation of solutions that Sixlabs is producing,” explains Mauricio Godoy, the company’s product director.

The company has invested a total of US$ 5 million, which ought to be swiftly recovered considering the current evolution of the market. Sales this year will rise to US$ 1.5 million in products sold in Latin America. Meanwhile, the numbers for 2010 are even more positive, with expectations in the order of a 15% growth. Between now and 2011 sales should exceed US$ 4 million annually.

The project has become so consolidated that not even the economic crisis had an impact on the technology consortium’s performance. “We are optimistic, as despite the fact that this year has been one of crisis, we have created new products and we have commercialized them with great success. We are therefore betting on targeting the global market and in that way contribute to the country with more technology exports,” the executive explains.