Chilean rock to fill the hills and harbor of Valparaíso

The 7th Rockódromo Festival brings the long history of alternative music in Chile’s most colorful port city directly into the present with 11 nights of contemporary Chilean music from Feb. 2 to 11.


“Música chilena global” or Chilean global music is the theme of the 7th Rockódromo Festival, which will bring 200 artists from across Chile to the coastal city of Valparaíso from Feb. 2 to 11. Moving from the hills to the harbor, from the Municipal Theater to the balconies of the city center, the festival will capture the full diversity of Valparaíso’s music as well as its landscapes.

The festival begins with four days of intimate, open-air concerts by songwriters Eduardo Gatti and Evelyn Cornejo on street corners throughout the hills of Valparaíso. The nights of Feb. 7 through 10 bring the festival to the newly renovated Municipal Theater, which reopened in November after reparations due to earthquake damage.

Independent bands from around Chile will be featured on Valparaíso’s most prominent stage, with the opening night featuring popular bands from around the country (Oddo, Perrosky, Dënver, Felipe Cadenasso), and others devoted exclusively to Porteño musicians—or performers from Valparaíso. On Feb. 9, the theater will host a historic reunion for the classic Valparaíso psychedelic rock band from the 1960s, Los Mac’s.

The party moves outside for the weekend taking over the Baron Pier, which pushes out into the east side of Valparaíso’s half-moon harbor. Friday night’s concert begins at 5pm and showcases five bands from the Metropolitan Region’s School of Rock, a government program designed to advocate and promote the development of Chilean rock musicians. These five will be joined by Keko Yoma, who blend independent rock with indigenous sounds, cumbia favorites Banda Conmoción, singer and guitarist Manuel García and Brazilian band Macaco Bong.

On Saturday, three bands from the School of Rock in Maule will play along with rockers Fother Muckers, dance pop band Odisea, traditional Chilean sounds from Silvestre and the music Mostro, which combines elements from all of these.

The concert’s grand finale brings the classic sounds of Porteño music back to its geographic center, with guitarist songwriters Gepe and Demian Rodriguez joining Eduardo Gatti and others in the balconies overlooking the Plaza Añibel Pinto just before dusk at 8:30pm.

Talks and round tables on Chilean music during the afternoons of Feb. 7 and 8 round out the festival offerings.


For information on the full program, see here.

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