Chilean Series wins Best Documentary at the Emmy Kids Awards

“¿Con qué sueñas?” shows Chile’s diversity through the eyes and lives of children. This award comes together with other international acknowledgments for the series, including the Best Children’s TV Show on Emmy Kids Awards 2011

¿Con qué sueñas?

The Chilean series “¿Con qué sueñas?“ (“What’s your Dream?”) aired by TVN channel and created with Consejo Nacional de Televisión’s (CNTV) funds, earned an important international recognition at the Emmy Kids Awards 2015 last friday in New York, United States.

The national film won the Best Documentary award with the first episode of 2013’s season, which shows the story of the little big mapuche pewenche man, Libko Pereira Manquepi, a 9-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a Lonco when he is a grownup, in order to be the strength and head of a community. He believes this to have a spiritual and sacred meaning.

The series won the Children’s Jury award in the Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano Festival in 2013, together with Best Children’s Program at Emmy Kids Awards 2011. This made it the only Chilean series that has been the recipient of that award.

“¡Con qué sueñas?”, produced by Mi Chica Producciones, is a documentary series that shows Chile’s diversity through the eyes and lives of children. The protagonists are boys and girls from 7 to 13 years old from different parts of the country.