Chilean skater María José Moya was crowned as World Champion

The athlete has already won 3 international championships and still retains the 200 meter world record.

La Nación
La Nación

The young sportswoman from San Miguel joins the list of Chilean world champions after winning the 100 metres track mode in the 2015 Speed Skating World Championship in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This way, the skater defends the title she won a year ago in Argentina.

In November 2014, Moya managed to win the 200 meters time trial at the Rosario (Argentina) World Cup. Back then, the sportswoman, helped by the high-performance athlete’s support program (Proddar) of the National Sports Institute, defeated the Colombian athlete Jercy Puello (speed champion at the 2014 Santiago Games) and the Ecuadorian Ingrid Factos, who also won the gold medal at Santiago in the 1,000 m category.

This time, María José -also known as «Pepita»- managed to defeat the American competitor Erin Jackson, who won second place, while the bronze fell into the hands of the Italian Giulia Bongiorno. The world title she earned adds up to a series of awards she has obtained as a skater, next to 3 other gold medals from world championships (200 meters in 2013 and 2014), while still retaining the world record in the 200 meters category, obtained in 2013.

Let us not forget that this athlete is the current winner of the «Best of the best» award given by the circle of sports journalists, who highlighted the skater’s trajectory last year. María José Moya shows how a hobby became the passion of her life, reminding everyone why she is one of the best athletes in the history of Chile.