Chilean small business makes beautiful paper with eco products

Copper, fruits, and vegetables are just a few of the unique ingredients used in Papel Artesano’s creative line of natural paper items. 

What do copper, beets, garlic, orange, and flowers have in common? They’re all elements that are being utilized to make beautiful recycled paper products by the Chilean company Papel Artesano.
Artist Miroslava Castillo, architect Jorge Uribe, and commercial engineer Guillermo Ramírez started Papel Artesano about a year ago after noting the lack of handcrafted paper techniques in Chile, a country dominated by mechanized paper production.
“There we saw an opportunity. We rented a studio in Cajón del Maipo and started making sheets of paper in different sizes. With these, we can create notebooks, book bindings, envelopes, folders and even lampshades,” Ramírez told Mercado Mayorista.
The young team uses recycled products to create their beautiful designs.
“What we use is waste, such as leaves of a pineapple or the stem of a plant,” Ramírez said.
In this way, Papel Artesano has become a Chilean company that not only offers beautiful products, but also supports the protection of valuable natural resources and caters to an eco-conscious clientele.
Papel Artesano started with stationery, corporate gifts, and writing products made with flowers, fruits and vegetables. Then came more sophisticated products like paper with copper filaments, which they created exclusively for the mining industry. Now their process even includes recycled paper content from their own client’s offices.
The company’s future plans include building up their capacity to handle large-scale orders, collecting more recycled paper from clients, and creating job placement opportunities for local partners in Cajón del Maipo.
How to order
All paper from Papel Artesano is made to order. To place an order, visit their website and pick out your desired product, then send the team an email at with the product code (each photo has an identification number, like C1, FL3, etc.) and quantity, color, paper type, and size you want. The sales team will respond within 24 hours to discuss the project and create a price quote.
Products take 15 days to create, and can be delivered to locations in the Santiago area, or shipped around the world with the shipping cost added to your quote.