Chilean surfer’s 26 foot barrel ride makes surfing history

Ramón Navarro, Chile’s big wave specialist, enters the record books with a seven second tube in Fiji as WCT event cancelled due to dangerous surf.

On Friday, June 8, Chilean pro surfer, Ramón Navarro, entered the history books of ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) at the Volcom Fiji Pro – and he wasn’t even a contestant! That’s because the 32 year-old from Pichilemu, was part of the Big Wave World Tour, and was not even supposed to be on the Pacific island for the WCT event.
But plans changed when Navarro received a message from a friend that read: “There is going to be an historic wave in Fiji. Come.”
It was good advice! On the morning of the competition, huge surf and strong winds forced event director Matt Wilson to postpone the competition after two heats, declaring, «it’s just not safe out there.»
Then the wind dropped off and the enormous waves began to form perfect tubes, and big wave specialists like Navarro entered the water amid the barrelling swell.
And with the world’s best surfers – like Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning – watching from the shore, the scene was set for the Chilean to pull of what Surf Magazine has since described as “one of the most historic achievements in the history of the event.”
«This afternoon will go down as one of the best big wave days of all time,» Slater said. «This is a day to be remembered.»
“These guys [the big wave specialists] are the best at this. They train for it, and they live and die for this. That’s who you want to see ride these waves.»
And the Navarro did not disappoint – for seven whole seconds the Chilean was ensconced in the “tube” of a wave of over 26 foot (8 mt) in what was undoubtedly the wave of the day.
“It was one of the most perfect waves I have ever seen in my life” said Navarro.
But don’t take his word for it – check out the video.