Chilean technology lets anyone be a musical virtuoso

Entrepreneur Rodrigo Stanger invented and patented a technology that lets anyone – regardless of musical talent or experience – jam like a pro.

Chilean entrepreneur Rodrigo Stanger has developed a technology that allows anyone to play music, even if they have no previous knowledge, experience. . . or even a shred of talent.
The latest project by the designer, businessman and “serial entrepreneur” from the Universidad Santa María (USM) is called “Mumiko,” and it has already been validated by a group of business experts from the USM, the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (“Commission for Scientific and Technological Research”) and the World Bank.
The result is a digital instrument that allows anyone to create, improvise and interpret melodies and songs without any technical knowledge, bypassing the long training periods required by traditional musical instruments.
And the benefits will go well beyond just helping out the frustrated-but-tonedeaf musicians among us.
“The idea of the project is to give access to the benefits that recreational musical activity generates in people, in alleviating pain, heightening levels of concentration, diminishing stress and stimulating cerebral and cognitive activity, among others,” Stanger said.
The technology was incubated in the Instituto Internacional para la Innovación Empresarial (“International Institute for Business Innovation”) of USM and has been used with positive results by people with physical and psychological disabilities.
After being assessed by a team of experts in technology, industrial design, electrical engineering, mathematics, musicology, music therapy and instrument makers, Mumiko received intellectual property rights from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
An additional milestone for Mumiko was its acceptance into the SMART incubation program, run by technology company LG Electronics, to the end of creating a Smartphone application of the technology.
“The support of LG Electronics has been substantial in packaging a commercial proposal for global positioning technology, and seeking to turn Smartphones into digital, personal, intuitive and relaxing musical instruments, so that everyone can experience, without any kind of setbacks, the joys of musical improvisation, just as a professional musician does,” says Stanger.