Chilean technology opens new possibilities for wine

The product is expected to find its way into tablets for lowering cholesterol and home kitchens for easy use cooking.


Cooking with wine is a tradition nearly as venerable as the drink itself, and more recently the health benefits associated with moderate wine consumption have become common knowledge. Now the Chilean company Alfa Chilena S.A. has used new atomization technology to produce an entirely new kind of wine product that will expand the possibilities for using one of the world’s most ancient and beloved beverages: powder.

That’s right, powdered wine. A single kilo of this technological miracle transforms five kilos of water into wine. Naturally produced Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon has been dehydrated through a process that removes both its liquid and alcoholic content, but leaves its flavors and scents intact without the artificial additives for color or taste.

More importantly, the new product will create opportunities to introduce wine easily as a flavoring and coloring agent in creative, modern kitchens as well as an ingredient in new healthcare products. Alfa Chilena expects to see the powder used in capsules for reducing cholesterol and reducing risk of heart disease and cancer, all properties now widely believed to be associated with wine. The powder will also be used to make facial creams to reduce wrinkles and the effects of aging.

With the new wine powder it will also be easier to add the flavors and aromatics of wine to a wide variety of foods. Soups, creams and sauces, all traditional foods bolstered by the complex flavor profile of wine, will be one destination for the product. Home cooks enamored of wine as a flavoring for a wider variety of foods – from yogurts to ice creams to chocolates – will be able to easily add the powder in their own homes.