Chilean tourism body launches new magazine for foreign markets

View Chile draws attention to the country’s stunning landscape, exquisite food and welcoming people.


Turismo Chile has launched a new magazine in a bid to promote the country’s top tourist destinations in key foreign markets including Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Spain, France and England.

The first edition of View Chile had a print run of 18,000 and was translated into English, Portuguese and French.

The magazine portrays Chile’s varied landscapes, enticing readers to come and relax or take part in the many adventure sports on offer throughout the country. It also gives readers the chance to get to know the South American nation’s culture, reflected in its diverse population, and to savor the culinary delights, which combine European and indigenous flavors.

View Chile has been divided into six sections reflecting the broad spectrum of activities on offer across the country. They include Natural Inspiration, Health and Well-being, Urban Life, Sports and Adventure, Culture and Heritage, and Food and Wine.

“We worked hard obtain a high quality, polished final product – a magazine that not only shows the destinations but also gives information that will motivate visitors to plan their trip to Chile,” Turismo Chile’s general manager, Andrea Wolleter, told El Mercurio.

“We feel our country is a special place, full of interesting nooks and crannies that are waiting to be discovered. We want the pages of View Chile to act as a permanent invitation to come and explore this world class destination.”

Given that print media is still such an important aid for tourists planning their vacations, Turismo Chile hopes that the magazine will serve as a lasting tool for promoting Chile abroad. The publication aims to deliver a more emotive message than previous forms of publicity, advocating an active approach to travel based on global trends in tourism communication.